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Partners For World Health


Partners For World Health is made up of an extraordinary group of volunteers ranging in age from 11 to 94. This organization delivers much needed medical supplies to regions suffering an emergency crisis. They respond to catastrophes all over the planet, resulting in life saving outcomes that would otherwise result in tragic loss.
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Storytelling School

SWMF trains storytellers through Storytelling School, a free online self-guided course on how to become a storyteller for social good. We also conduct workshops in classrooms to explore issues through the making of student documentary films.

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We are funded by donors who see the value of providing free communication tools to non-profits who otherwise could not afford to tell their story or make others aware of the critical issues they address. We couldn’t do it without you.

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What are the metaphorical “storms” that surround us today? Our media foundation fights against hunger, addiction, domestic violence, sex trafficking, climate change, forced migration and other local and global issues.


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