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Help us help others. Storm Warriors Media Foundation creates media that inspires people to move from awareness to action. If you want to help, be helped, or learn about our online school for storytelling for social good, you are invited to explore our community.

Media that Makes a Difference

Storm Warriors is a media foundation with three powerful aims:

We give the gifts of custom communication and media tools to vital non-profits involved with helping real people in real crisis.

We equip our community of followers with information, insight and opportunity to be the best Storm Warrior he or she can be.

We educate a whole new generation of those wanting to discover, develop, document and distribute storytelling for social good.

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We’re a community of like-minded people who see difficulties in the world and believe we can make a difference. Storm Warriors invites you to join us on the front lines and help us help others - whether through donation, volunteering skills, learning how to use your own gifts, calling and talents for social good (we'll help you do that), or even training to become a Storm Warrior specialist (we'll train you - check out our free online school).

Dispatches from the Storm Warriors HQ

Calling All Courageous

The Premiere Issue

This is an Annual Magazine unlike any other you’ve read. It’s a publication devoted to helping you discover and appreciate some of the most impacting and vital humanitarian efforts going on today. The reason you’ve never read such a magazine focused on such topics is because the publishing...


Technically Speaking

Technically speaking, our editing crew has come to a bit of a divide within the office. We have invested in the Adobe Suite software for about a year and a half now, a decision that was made based on the staff’s preference and knowledge at that time. This...

Project Focus

Story-Telling School

Introducing: Storm Warriors Story-Telling School This past spring, the Storm Warrior team embarked on some new territory in education and put on our teacher hats. We learned about a program nearby that helps guide middle school students in Union, ME to better learning techniques and prevents them from...

Emergency Medical Supplies

Emergency Medical Supplies for Uganda

Field Report: Medical Conditions in Uganda By Rebekah Nappa, Production Support January 1st, 2019 saw me waking up in a hotel room in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My second day of the year would be spent flying to Entebbe, Uganda, then driving an hour south to Kampala. By...

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