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International Rescue Committee Rescue Partners Goal

The International Rescue Committee has announced the noble goal of gaining 250 new Rescue Partners.

Rescue Partners are givers who have made the pledge to donate to the organization on a monthly basis.

The International Rescue Committee works around the world, such as responding to the conflict and crisis in Syria.

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St. Monica's Children's Home

Started by non-profit activist Audrey Forshey, the Gift of Education fund supports the St. Monica's Children Home, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

St. Monica's provides the majority of educational costs for its 44 students in Nairobi, Kenya.

From the article: "Like a parent, I am proud to say that we have…


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Support families in the Central African Republic with an emergency donation!

Many families are affected by conflict in the Central African Republic. Timing is key. 

From the WFP website: "We need your help to pre-position food stocks before the rainy season starts in April and roads become impassable."

Consider making an emergency donation.

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Photo from Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

The photo shows many people waiting in lines to receive food aid. Syrians have been affected by continuing violence in their home country.

From the caption: "The UN relief agency has distributed more than 7,000 food parcels in the Palestinian camp, home to about 160,000 people, since 18 January."



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Response and recovery to Supertyphoon Haiyan

It's been three months since the major natural disaster Supertyphoon Haiyan devestated parts of the Philippines.

The disaster forced a major response by the World Food Programme to get food and aid to those affected. 

From the WFP: "By the end of November, we had already reached nearly 3 million people with food assistance. "

Watch the recently published video about the response to the…


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Vittana joins with Kiva

In a recent email, Vittana has announced a partnership initiative with Kiva. According to the email, starting March 31st, all Vittana students will be fundraising on Kiva.

According to the email: "Your support thus far has empowered over 15,000 students in 14 countries to improve their lives–helping to lift up their families, their communities and to graduate beyond poverty."

Consider lending through Kiva, or providing a donation loan through…


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Other ways to become involved with humanitarian causes

The World Food Programme has published a very interesting interview with a WFP worker about what it's like to work in the field. 

Consider reading and finding out more if you're interested in a career in international development.

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Fair & Square

Fair & Square is the first non-profit grocery store in the country, according to Al Jazeera America

Opened in the food desert of Chester, Pennsylvania, F&S offers fresh food at a reduced rate while also creating…


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IRC Rescue Gift

For Valentine's Day, the International Rescue Committee makes the compelling point that children need more than just food, water, and shelter, they also need comfort during times of distress.

For just $45, the IRC is able to provide three children in need with a Rescue Gift.

Learn more about the IRC's Rescue Gift program, and consider donating a Rescue Gift to help a suffering…


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Boca Helping Hands

Boca Helping Hands is a 4-star rated charity on Charity Navigator. The organization provides food and other essentials in emergency situations and for those in need.

Over the years, the group has branched out to other services as well.

From their website: "Now in our 16th year of serving the community, we continue to see a large incease in the demand for our services. In response to this increased demand we expanded the Job Mentoring Center that provides…


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Syrians affected by recent violence

Syrians affected by the recent violence in their home country still need your help. 

Oxfam International has been doing what it can, but describes the situation: "The situation remains critical for Syrians both inside Syria and in neighboring countries. We have reached more than 800,000 people in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, but with more than 2.4 million refugees and millions more displaced within Syria, the needs remain enormous."



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READ Centers

Read Global sets up READ centers to promote literacy in rural areas all over the world. 

The Christian Science Monitor writes about the impact such centers have on the lives of women in Asia.

The article offers hopeful statistics about literacy in rural areas: "Just last year, more than 1,700 women like Chuna…


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Kiberia School for Girls

The Kiberia School for Girls is a tuition-free school for girls in Kiberia, Kenya.

Nicholas Kristof recently wrote a Sunday column about rape and sexual violence occurring with impunity in Kenya.

In this column, he mentions Kennedy Odede, who started the self-empowerment program "Shining Hope for Communities" and runs the Kiberia School for Girls,…


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Food for the Poor

Food for the Poor is a major 3-star rated charity.

According to their website, and information on Charity Navigator, "Food For The Poor is the largest international relief and development organization in the United States..." 

The organization works to provide food and shelter to the needy.

Consider donating to Food for the Poor.

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Books for Africa

Books for Africa is a 4-star rated charity on Charity Navigator that works to collect and send books to children in Africa. 

From their website: "We collect, sort, ship, and distribute books to students of all ages in Africa. Our goal: to end the book famine in Africa."

In 2012, the organization shipped 2.2 million books.

Consider donating funds, books, or even…


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Share the Love

This year, GuideStar is once again running their #NONPROFITLUV campaign to drive support and awareness for non-profit organizations.

The idea is for anyone and everyone to share pictures and more related to your favorite non-profits. 

Some hints on the GuideStar website on how to participate:…


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Midwest Food Bank

The Midwest Food Bank is one of the highest rated 4-star charitable organizations on Charity Navigator.

MFB works tirelessly to feed the poor and fight against poverty, reaching a remarkable number of people.

From their website: "As a faith based organization it is the mission of Midwest…


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Greg Bristol and the fight against human trafficking

Greg Bristol is a former FBI agent working to end modern day slavery and human trafficking. He recently conducted an interview about his new initiative teaming up with UNICEF.

After you check out the interview and UNICEF video, consider…


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Child Aid

Child Aid is a 4-star rated charity on Charity Navigator.

The organization promotes literacy, education, and opportunities for children.

From the website: "We believe education is the most effective long-term solution to poverty. Day in and day out we work to improve children’s lives by helping them learn to read, succeed in school and develop the…


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Google+ Hangout Discussion - Modern Day Slavery

Nicholas Kristof is doing a Google Hangout right now on the topic of modern day slavery.

From the blog post: "He will be talking with Rachel Lloyd, of Girls Educational & Mentoring Services, Gary Haugen, of the International Justice Mission, Dave Batstone, of Not For Sale, and Susan Bissell, of UNICEF about what 2014 holds for efforts to combat human trafficking worldwide. "

Tune into…


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