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Android 5.0 lollipop SDK, preview images 5 and 7 link is now available

Google has unveiled its latest Android 5.0 developer preview image 5, Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi, 2013), in addition to the final Api,Android 5.0 lollipop generals released all rolled out in early November before the SDK for end users and equipment.

The updated Android 5.0 Developer Preview images for the Nexus 5 'hammerhead' and Nexus 7 'razor' feature build…


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Apple increases production of iPhone 6 plus

Plus 10 million copies have sold out to the first weekend of the iPhone 6 as well as his Phablet Sidekick iPhone 6, gradually Apple scratching on the 20-million mark. In China, the Apple smartphones go next week at the start - there is mainly the iPhone 6 plus asked. Apple should have already increased production.

Lenovo VIBE Z K910e

The iPhone 6 may look back on the most successful launch of a Smartphone, wandered…


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Moto and Moto x g prices for India slash

We often find that when a new iteration, a popular smartphone released is substantial price reductions on the existing model, and that now is the Moto and Moto x g in India. New Moto-g (2014) and Moto x (2014) has two recently released and now have the original Moto and Moto x g price slashes of India.

The first-generation Moto G and Moto X have both been extremely popular devices. They still have plenty to offer potential buyers and it's…


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Bereits auf der IFA 2014 in Berlin hatte LG seine Einsteiger-Smartphones, das L Fino und L Bello, vorgestellt. Unser aktuelles Testgerät, das LG L Fino, ging bereits im September in den Verkauf und liegt nunmehr noch bei 140 Euro (http://www.gizmodo.de/2014/10/14/lg-l-fino-einsteiger-smartphone-im-hands-onlg-l-fino-im-hands.html).

Das L Fino verfügt über ein 4,5 Zoll…


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Micromax canvas Nitro core 2 vs Samsung Galaxy India shootout

Samsung A310 Galactic core 2 smart phone Micromax canvas Nitro new India market has released this summer. Both are dual-SIM Android Smartphone system have been gathering a lot of interest, so, today we bring you Nitro Micromax canvas and core Samsung Galaxy 2-India showdown.

These phones are close on pricing, although the Galaxy Core 2 (Core II) is the cheaper of the two. So what does the extra money for the Micromax A310 Canvas Nitro get you? Well, as far as specs are concerned quite…


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Обзор Lenovo Vibe X2. В несколько слоев

На официальном сайте Lenovo появилась информация о новом смартфоне с очень крутым дизайном и начинкой.

Компания Lenovo показала этот смартфон на выставке электроники IFA 2014, но тогда данных о нем не было. Теперь же на официальном сайте есть все денные о телефоне – начинка, характеристики корпуса и прочих элементов. При создании телефона инженеры постарались совместить интересный корпус с компактными габаритами и максимальную производительность, которая вообще есть на рынке. Стоит…


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New HTC a Max 2 and Bloom models

It may be worth looking at models of phone concept from time to time as tasters of forthcoming opportunities, and today, we have two makes again well known designer Hasan Kaymak for you to see. They are dubbed the HTC a Max 2 and HTC Bloom, and we would like to know what you think of these new designs.

Kaymak is one of the most prolific concept designers around and we've shown some previous…


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Syria Refugee Emergency

The United Nations Refugee Agency has an article on the current crisis in Syria.

From the article: "After a short wait in the transit area, Mohammed is again gathered up into the arms of one of his sons and settled in the back of a bus for a three-hour drive to the Gawilan refugee camp, near the Iraqi Kurdistan regional capital, Erbil. There, he and the other refugees will be registered by…


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Компания ThL презентовала модель ThL 5000 с батареей емкостью 5 000 мАч

Смартфоны производятся со все более высоким разрешением, но емкость их батарей, к сожалению, остается неизменной. У большинства смартфонов этот показатель составляет около 3 000 мАч. В результате потребители постоянно жалуются на то, что заряда батареи не хватает даже на один день. В конце июля компания ThL презентовала модель ThL 5000 с суперемкой батареей на уровне 5 000 мАч. Столь высокий показатель стал возможным благодаря использованию новейшей технологии – литий-полимерной батареи с…


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IPhone6+ and 6 PowerSkin external battery solutions

More iPhone6 Plus and standard iPhone6, many buyers are looking for accessories for smart phones. Battery life can be a mobile phone heavy users who are genuinely concerned about such an external battery pack can be a good idea. Today we had a iPhone6+ and 6 PowerSkin external battery solutions for more information.

PowerSkin is a well known name for portable power accessories and have added to their PoP'n battery packs with a PoP'n 2 for both…


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Steve Ballmer as a member of the Board resigns from Microsoft

p>Besides Bill Gates hardly another personality is associated so strongly with Microsoft like Steve Ballmer. Several decades the most controversial Manager for the software group worked before he acknowledged his place as CEO this year. Now the man Very much convinced of his or her employer withdrawing almost completely.

In an open letter to the current Microsoft CEO Stya Nadella, Steve Ballmer announced his resignation from his post as Board member of Microsoft. As reasons he…


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New Redmi 1S India Flash sale date is October 14

Said millet Redmi 1S has been very popular in India would be an understatement. Phone has been in huge demand, we have been keeping our readers know about flipkart Flash sales of equipment. Now new Redmi 1S Flash sale is scheduled for October 14.

Last week we informed readers about more units of the Redmi 1S and also the Xiaomi Mi3 being up for grabs in Flipkart's Big Billion Day Sale. For once these were not being sold in a flash sale with the need for registration, and we were…


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Welches Smartphone ist die beste Wahl

Ein neues Smartphone muss her, mein iPhone 5 reicht mir nicht mehr. Zwei Jahre war es ein guter Kumpel, nun allerdings wird es Zeit, Abschied zu nehmen. Aber welches neue Smartphone soll es werden? In einem Selbstversuch werde ich eine Woche lang drei Geräte mit verschieden Systemen in mehreren Disziplinen ausprobieren (…


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"8 Truths About Violence Against Girls. Plus Who's Fighting It And What You Can Do" article on HuffPo

In continuing support and celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child, we would like to bring an informative Huffington Post article to your attention. The article illuminates the situations of women and girls around the world, and points to a variety of ways to help and get involved.

From the article: "The sensitivities around the issue…


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Brother's Brother Foundation

Brother's Brother Foundation is a 4-star rated Charity working to provide humanitarian support and supplies where it is needed most.

From the website: "BBF, a 56-year old Pittsburgh-based international charity, has provided over $4 billion of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, textbooks, food, seeds, and other humanitarian supplies to people around the world in over 146 countries. In 2013, with the help of gifts from the general public and corporations,  BBF sent product…


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Watch this inspiring message from Eunice, a 5th grader at Kibera School for Girls

Eunice is a 5th grader at Kibera School for girls. Watch Eunice'sinspiring message and preview for four hour mini series by Nicholas Kristof. 

From the youtube blurb: "Eunice has decided that when she gets older she will give back to her community: she will become a doctor who will serve the people of Kibera. She believes powerfully in her dreams. "

Consider learning more at …


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International Day of the Girl Child

NPR has a photo gallery of pictures of the experiences of girls around the world. today is International Day of the Girl Child.

From the article: "Today is the International Day of the Girl Child. It is a U.N. event with a grand name and a powerful mission. Girls around the world, especially in lower-income countries, often face terrible things, from genital mutilation to child marriage to kidnapping. We asked five photographers, who devote much or all of their time to…


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Motorola Droid turbine specifications and characteristics shown in the manual

Has been announced over the past few weeks some great Smartphone, but some people are focusing on a new Motorola Droid for Verizon. We have turbine called the Droid you upcoming mobile phones in development for a while now, and we shared a variety of messages leaked so far. Motorola Droid turbine specifications and features are now in the quick start manual, the device shows.

We expect that the Droid Turbo could be officially…


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WFP Ebola response

The World Food Programme has sent out another email regarding their response to the Ebola outbreaks.

From the email: "With the number of Ebola cases increasing rapidly, we have a crucial window of opportunity to stop the spread of this virus."



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Sony Xperia Z3 for t-mobile to a stored procedure

Sony has officially announced the Xperia Z3 flagship, we hear that t-mobile will also offer a model will no doubt become a very popular smartphone. Most of us imagine t-mobile United States varieties will have the same specifications as the Z3, but we've heard Sony Xperia t-mobile Z3 to accelerate storage.

The Sony website is now showing the T-Mobile Xperia Z3, and rather than having 16GB of internal storage, this one comes with 32GB. Both…


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