Donate your skills

Do you have storytelling, media, or other skills that you would be willing to donate to help save lives? One way to become a Storm Warrior is by volunteering your time and skills through SWMF in order to help deserving organizations tell their story. Fill out the application below to be apart of something big.

Storytelling School

SWMF trains storytellers through Storytelling School, a free online self-guided course on how to become a storyteller for social good. We also donate services in classrooms to explore issues through the making of their own documentary films. Click below to learn more about each program.

Tell Us Your Story

Are you a Storm Warrior? We want to hear your story. Tell us about the work you’ve done to help people in need, so we can share your testimonial.

Interested in receiving a media grant?

Hit the Apply Now button below to learn more about our selection process and what you can expect when you apply for a grant.

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